Our Story

Sweatspiration was born through a simple reminder written on a wristband with a sharpie - "Move feet (feet)" This was a reminder to our son when he was on the tennis court. He, like many, fight through obstacles with sports & exercise that lead to mental and physical fatigue that can lead to a lack of focus. Providing him with that little reminder & positive thought gave him something to focus on as he played his matches.

We created Sweatspiration to bring motivation and positive thinking to athletes young and old with inspirational words on stylish sweatbands, apparel and accessories. We want to help them remain positive when they need extra encouragement; having a little self-encouragement or mantra could ease the mind and keep you in the game. 

At Sweatspiration, our goal is to keep everyone inspired and to keep moving.  


Don’t ever give up! We strive to promote a solid foundation for an active lifestyle that leads to a healthy attitude, good sportsmanship and positive self-esteem.